Kathleen Turner, famed actress of movies (Body Heat) and stage (The Graduate), slammed the U.S. Supreme Court for its approach to women’s reproductive rights at one-woman show, Finding My Voice, produced by Ken Davenport, at New York City’s famed Town Hall. Turner described her itinerant childhood moving from country to country in the show, but the common theme was her strength as a woman demonstrated in songs and monologues from her battle with rheumatoid arthritis to her decision to go topless on Broadway in her 50s. But Turner saved her strongest words for the conservative super-majority on the Supreme Court. “The Supreme Court ruling affirming a woman’s right to choose is under attack by Republican led state legislatures on the assumption that women are not capable of making choices about their own bodies,” mused the actress, who noted her work for People For The American Way, which advocates for progressive causes. “Who the fuck do they think they are?”

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