Katherine Webb, the former Miss Alabama, revealed that she consumes only about 1,120 calories a day in a recent interview with People.

Webb’s daily diet might consist of a “homemade smoothie for breakfast, green apple for snack, spinach salad with almonds and strawberries for lunch, frozen yogurt bar for snack and grilled chicken fingers with sweet potato fries for dinner,” reported the magazine.

The model shot to superstardom during the BCS championship game between Alabama, where her boyfriend A.J. McCarron was the star quarterback, and Notre Dame. ESPN announcer Brent Musberger couldn’t help commenting on the QB’s girlfriend’s attractive appearance. "What a beautiful woman! Wow! Whoa!," Musberger gushed.

Since then, Webb has appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and was a contestant on diving reality TV series Splash. Now, she’s going to appear in People’s “Most Talked About Bodies” issue.

Webb, 24, works out three times a day, and is strictest with herself right before a pageant or shoot. "I cut out any type of bread product, and cake, cookies, bagels," she says. "When I eat a lot of sugar, I tend to bloat more." But she does let herself indulge every once in awhile. "I treat myself to an unhealthy meal sometimes," she said. "I usually go for all-American buffalo wings and French fries."

Although Webb talks about her self-control, there are many of the opinion that she might want to consider relaxing her strict diet. At 5’11, a healthy weight is between 133 and 179 pounds, according to BMI calculators. Even if Webb weighed at the lowest end of that spectrum and was inactive, she should be eating at least 1,750 calories a day, according to Mayo Clinic’s calorie calculator.

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