Supermodel Kate Moss was escorted off a plane run by a European discount airliner Sunday at London’s Luton Airport for reportedly “disruptive behavior.” English media reports that Moss was asked to leave the plane after an easyJet flight from Turkey landed in London.

Kate Escorted Off Plane

The Daily Mail and Sky News received reports about Moss’ behavior from passengers. Moss allegedly grabbed a bottle of vodka from her carry-on bag after being refused alcohol by the flight attendants and cursed at the flight’s pilots when she was escorted off the plane, calling them “basic” at one point. Other passengers say the incident wasn’t as bad as reports have stated, pointing the blame more at easyJet than towards Moss as her behavior was funny more than disruptive towards other passengers.

British authorities came to the scene to respond to easyJet’s report of an incident, as is their standard procedure according to a press release. No charges were filed against Moss and easyJet will not make a formal complaint against her.

Of course that still doesn’t answer the question of why a millionaire model feels the need to fly on a discount airline rather than a private je t– or at the very least a first class seat on an international carrier.

Moss,  picture above, with her daughter Lila.

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