Saturday Night Live envisioned Kellyanne Conway as Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King‘s It in a parody video starring Kate McKinnon.


McKinnon reprised her roles as Conway and Hillary Clinton for the sketch. The piece begins with Alex Moffat as Anderson Cooper finishing up a CNN segment and heading home. He puts on a yellow raincoat and accidentally drops his news program, which floats down the street and into a storm drain. When he bends down to retrieve it, he is met face to face with McKinnon, who introduces herself as “Kellywise the Dancing Clown.”

Conway’s goal in the skit is to get Cooper to interview her on CNN. She promises a crazy quote, like “Okay, Puerto Rico was actually was worse before Hurricane Maria and the hurricane actually did blow some buildings back together. I don’t know why Elizabeth Warren won’t tweet about that.”

Cooper is unconvinced, so Kellywise tries again. “So Secretary Tillerson did not call the president a moron. They were sharing a sundae and the president asked if he wanted more sprinkles, and the secretary said, ‘more on.’ Are you hooked? Put me on TV,” she ends in her practiced Pennywise voice.

Just then Kenan Thompson as a police officer strolls by and tells Cooper not to talk to her. “Everyday she drags somebody into that sewer… Don’t believe me? Yesterday she got Rachel Maddow.” Maddow pops up next to Kellywise and says, “You’ll float too, Anderson.”

Kellywise then runs through a few things that Cooper is afraid of, including a newspaper headline that he’s gotten “fat now.” She then becomes Clinton and asks, “Where did you think I’d be, Michigan or Wisconsin?” She reaches her hand out for his help, and says if he helps she’ll give him a copy of her book, What Happened. “Go on, take it,” she says in her Pennywise voice.

The scene turns violent before Cooper wakes up on set at CNN to find Conway as his guest. See the hilarious sketch below.

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