For Kate McKinnon, the third time was the charm, as she picked up her first Emmy award for her work on Saturday Night Live following her third nomination.

Kate McKinnon Wins Emmy Award

McKinnon, having lost out on the Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series two years in a row, seemed shocked to hear her name called Sunday night. The 32-year-old comedian struggled to mask her emotions as she made her way up to the podium. “I’m really crying. I’m not making it up,” she said. “Jesus Christ,” she added, though it was bleeped for the audiences at home.

In her acceptance speech, McKinnon went on to thank the Academy and Saturday Night Live creator, Lorne Michaels.

“Thank you to the Academy so much. Good sentence. Thank you. This is really crazy, you guys,” McKinnon said. “Thank you to Lorne Michaels for giving me the job of my life. And to the amazing crew at SNL. You know it’s really hard making 90 minutes of sketch comedy every week for 42 years, so thank you to my amazing colleagues, the cast, and writers who are the smartest, best people I know.”

“I’m shaking guys!” McKinnon admitted before thanking a number of people at SNL, and adding, “Thank you, Ellen DeGeneres. Thank you, Hillary Clinton” — the two women she’s best known for doing impressions of. Incidentally, both Clinton and DeGeneres tweeted reactions to McKinnon’s shoutout.

McKinnon concluded her speech with a few words about her family, including her late father.

“On a personal note, thank you to my beautiful and hilarious mother and sister. And to my father who’s not with us anymore, but he made me start watching SNL when I was 12,” McKinnon said through tears. “Thank you, and I miss you, pop.”

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