Kanye West, who is running as an independent in the 2020 presidential election, secretly met with President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner as well as his daughter and senior adviser Ivanka Trump.

The meeting was in Telluride, Colorado where Kushner and Ivanka were traveling; West and his family, including wife Kim Kardashian West, had been camping in another part of Colorado and the rapper briefly flew out for the meeting.

The New York Times reached out to West for details about the meeting, but the rapper took to Twitter instead. “I’m willing to do a live interview with the New York Time [sic] about my meeting with Jared where we discussed Dr Claude Anderson’s book Powernomics.”

The paper reached out to West again, but the rapper declined to elaborate on his meeting. Instead he “express[ed] anger about abortion rates among Black women” and said, “he didn’t reflexively support Democrats.”

Last Wednesday, Trump was asked about West’s 2020 campaign. He denied any connection to it and then said, “I like him. He’s always been very nice to me.” Trump added, “I get along with him very well. I like him. I like his wife.”

West launched his presidential campaign over the July 4 weekend. Since then, he has managed to get on the ballot in three states so far: Colorado, Oklahoma and Vermont.

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