Kanye West, who has been boasting about his new album on Twitter, announced Wednesday that he had changed the album name from Swish to Waves – which sparked a long back and forth between him and fellow artist Wiz Khalifa.

Kanye West Vs. Wiz Khalifa

“New album title, WAVES,” West tweeted yesterday.

Khalifa, clearly referring to West’s album name, responded, “Please don’t take the wave,” before explaining to his Twitter followers what “wavy” music is in hip-hop and that it was started by Max B.

He then tweeted, “Hit this kk and become yourself,” which West took as a reference to his wife, Kim Kardashian.

“Oh ni–as must think I’m not petty cause I’m the best that’s ever made music,” wrote West, now in a rage, “Like, oh that’s Ye and I can put his wife’s initials on my twitter @Wizkhalifa.” Khalifa explained, “KK is weed fool,” adding, “Reason’s why your not wavy. Go bacc to Swish.”

Despite Khalifa’s clarification about “KK,” West went on a full-blown rant that has since been deleted from his Twitter page. Among the list of 17 things West threw at Khalifa: he stole his music from Kid Cudi, he doesn’t put out albums people will listen to all the way through, that West is the reason why Khalifa can wear tight jeans, and that West wishes he was skinny and tall – but he’ll settle for being “the greatest artist of all time as a consolation.”

The most personal attacks, however, West reserved for Khalifa’s erstwhile relationship with Amber Rose. “You let a stripper trap you,” West wrote, adding, “I know you mad every time you look at your child that this girl got you for 18 years.”

After deleting all of the tweets, West claimed that he loved Wiz and that all he really wants is “peace and positive energy.” He also added that he’s glad to know that KK is a strain of weed.

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