A video of Kai Greene and Marc Lobliner was released showing off their insane workout routine.


Greene and Lobliner showcase their amazing strength and stamina in the video, doing an unbelievable amount of reps with a ton of weight. The training is meant to work out their back muscles, and it is the most volume-filled training session to ever be recorded at the FORCE Gym in Queens.

The two men spot each other during their workout, give each other encouragement and even count each others’ reps so the other person can focus on their technique.

“There’s a lot of muscle right there, Kai,” Lobliner tells him, encouragingly.

Greene has recently had issues concerning his participation in the Mr. Olympia Contest. Shortly before this year’s competition, Greene released a video stating that he would not be allowed to participate, but further reports revealed that his inability to participate was merely due to Greene’s failure to sign the traditional, annual contract provided by the Mr. Olympia organization.

It is clear that Greene has no plans to cease training, although there is no news on whether or not he intends to participate in Mr. Olympia 2016.

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