Justin Bieber‘s web team had the bright idea to launch a contest allowing users to vote which country he should visit on his tour. Unfortunately for them, Bieber-haters overwhelmed his fans and voted to send the teen singer all the way to repressive North Korea on his My World Tour.

4chan, a global Internet bulletin board, where people can post comments and images, used their viral supremacy to encourage people to sent Bieber to the Communist nation. With just under nine hours left to vote, North Korea holds a 9,437 vote over Israel and Poland and its lead is continuing to grow.

Of course, North Korea does not allow people to access the Internet, and most probably don’t even know who he is. His tour will also feature artists such as Sean Kingston, Jessica Jarrell and the pop girl group, The Stunners.

To see more on Bieber’s Excellent Communist Adventure, go to URLesque.com.

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