Julia Fox provided more insights on her relationship with Kanye West, on the latest episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast.

“I’m sure there’s still some residual feelings, and that’s normal. It’s human,” Fox said about any lingering feelings Ye has about his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian. “I also know that he’s with me now. And that’s all that matters.” 

When asked if they have labels, Fox replies, “I call him my boyfriend, and he calls me his girlfriend.” Fox responded, “Time will tell, you’ll just see.” 

Fox revealed that she is aware that her outfits and style are similar to Kim Kardashian‘s. 

“Well, we’ve worn similar looks, which I knew at the time of wearing them. I knew Kim had worn it previously,” she told host Alexandra Cooper. During one of Fox’s earliest dates with West, she recalled him surprising her with a suitcase full of clothes, which he and his ex-wife frequently did. “If anything, I think the conversation should be like ‘Wow, it’s amazing to see how heavily influenced Kim was by Kanye,” Fox said. 

In 2014, Fox started a fashion brand Franziska Fox with her close friend, Briana Andalore. “I had my history in fashion as well. I didn’t pop out of nowhere. If anything, I feel like that’s kind of what that shows, but obviously, people wanna run with the more, like, nastier narrative and make people feel bad,” said Fox. 

Fox also admitted that she’s into partner-swapping porn after moonlighting for years as a dominatrix. “I was also able to explore my own because there’d be times in a session where I’d be like, ‘Damn, this is horny as f—. This is hot,” she recalled, adding that she’s into a very specific type of porn now. “I’m into weirdly, like, partner swapping and then watching, more [foursome] vibes,” she said. “I’ve never done it. In my other relationships, I feel like I’ve always been so jealous and so possessive in my relationships. I don’t want to be like that in the future.”

West and Fox have been linked since they were seen in Miami on New Year’s Eve. “He’s not trying to like, have me to keep from, like lock away, no. He wants me to be the best version of myself. Like that is always the conversation, always. Like how am I gonna … live up to my full potential? Which I think is amazing.”


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