Have you recovered from the memorably graphic birth scene in Knocked Up? Let's hope so, because Judd Apatow is ready to deliver his next project. The director confirmed he will write and produce a new movie starring Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann based off their characters in the 2007 hit comedy."It is just a story from Pete and Debbie's current life," Apatow told HitFix.com. "People really responded to their characters and problems. I felt like there was a lot of ground I could explore with them."

Since years have passed since Pete and Debbie's dysfunctional family life, viewers can anticipate more drama between the couple as their two children get older and things can only get more complicated. "There are some fun details yet to reveal but I will let them come out slowly," Apatow said. No word yet on whether the original stars Katherine Heigl, pictured, or Seth Rogan will make an appearance. The untitled comedy is scheduled to start filming in July for a release date of June 1, 2012. –Natthakan Garunrangseewong

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