Joseph Baena showed off her killer body to his 260K Instagram followers in a tutorial.

The video showed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 23-year-old son flex his biceps and pose just like his father did in his prime. Baena completed three different poses, with an effortless transition between each.

“Teaching the boys a lesson in posing,” the bodybuilder captioned his post. “Side chest or the 3/4 pose will always be my favorites. What are yours?”

Fans can’t get enough of how much he likes like he’s father when he puts in the work, documented on his social media account.

In a post from November 30, Baena did his own interpretation of the meme, “how it started vs how it’s going.” The first photo featured him when he was a kid and the second was him now flexing his muscles for the camera.

Baena often shares photos from his father’s bodybuilding career. His followers always see a connection between the two when Baena posts videos of his rigorous workouts. He also is not afraid to show off his hard work and the progress he’s achieved. A majority of his Instagram feed are shirtless photos.

Baena is certainly following in his father’s footsteps and does not plan on stopping anytime soon.

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