Jordan Linn Graham has been charged with second-degree murder after pushing her husband of eight days off a cliff to his death at Glacier National Park on July 7.

Cody Lee Johnson, Graham's husband, was reported missing on July 8, and at first Graham, 22, lied to investigators about his disappearance and death – she told them that she had last heard from Johnson when he texted her that he was going for a drive in a friend’s car on July 7. A few days later, Graham told park rangers that she found Johnson’s body at the bottom of the cliff near an area she said was one of his favorite places in the park, an area where he would often drive around at fast speeds with friends.

Investigators were suspicious after Graham found the body and interviewed her again. In the second interview, she admitted to pushing her husband off the cliff. She explained that the two had been fighting – Graham said that as she had turned away from him, Johnson grabbed her arm. In response, she took his hand off of her and pushed him, resulting in him falling off the cliff.

It was reported that the two had been experiencing early marital issues even before the incident. Graham told investigators that she had wanted to talk to Johnson about having second thoughts about getting married. Later that night, Graham sent a text to a friend that read – “I’m going to talk to him… But dead serious if u don’t hear from me at all again tonight, something happened." Johnson was 25 at the time of his death.

-Ava Butler

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