It could be the Tween-pocolypse Now – the end of the Jonas Brothers?

Joe Jonas, the middle Jonas brother, told Ryan Seacrest Monday that the brothers are "undecided” about the idea of a breakup. While a tour was thought to be in the works, eldest JoBro Kevin Jonas is now reveling in married life and little bro Nick Jonas is pursuing a solo project with his band The Administration. "We didn’t have this year totally mapped out like the past few years, because we wanted to have a little break time to figure it all out," Joe said. "I think we will do a tour, for sure, as the Jonas Brothers, but then we’ll see from there.”

Joe also mentioned he’d been getting some career advice from Bono (yes, that Bono) and that he was considering working on a film. "I’m always like, ‘Whatever comes my way because I want to do all of it.’ But there are so many superhero movies out right now, I think that could be kinda fun. I would love to be Spider-Man, that would be totally awesome." –JOE GALBO with Kerry Sullivan

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