Jon Hamm’s bulge has been a topic of conversation since pictures in which the Mad Men star appeared to be going commando under his suit went viral last year.

Jon Hamm Addresses Bulge Chatter

Hamm, 43, has repeatedly tried to quiet the chatter about his manhood, but it continually gets addressed, which he finds embarrassing.

“Would you want people walking up to you and pointing at your d— …?" he said in a recent interview with Men's Fitness. "I can’t believe I’m still talking about this… The fact that I’m painted as this exhibitionist is a little annoying."

In addition to the photos that started to circulate last year, Hamm's considerable package has become the subject of Internet memes and other jokes. Though he doesn't like this particular attention, Hamm realizes that it's somewhat of a byproduct of his job.

“It’s become a meme. Being someone who people want to photograph, you have to open yourself up to the positive and negative," the actor mused. "It is what it is. If I get mad at it I’ll look like a douchebag. But it’s silly.”

– Chelsea Regan

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