The Joker, Batman’s psychotic archenemy, will always antagonize do-gooders. This will remain true in the upcoming Injustice 2, as Joker will return for DC’s latest fighter.


With a redesign taking inspiration from the clown’s numerous incarnations, Joker is back to mock, brutalize and poison his opponents. Sadly, poor Robin was his primary victim in Joker’s debut trailer. Richard Epcar, who voiced the clown in Injustice: Gods Among Us, is reprising his role.

As noted, Joker’s legacy from Gods Among Us will continue to plague our heroes:

Though killed by Superman, the Joker continues to haunt the lives of all those touched by his madness. By destroying Metropolis, he set the events in motion which made enemies of Superman and Batman. If he were alive to see the chaos he’d created, he would surely be smiling.

Furthermore, Darkseid was confirmed to be Injustice 2’s first DLC character:

Superman’s foe will, as usual, display his immense strength in combat:

A being of pure hate incarnate, the lord of Apokolips Darkseid demands the total subjugation of all existence. His merciless obsession has left a wake of suffering and obliteration as he seeks the Anti-Life Equation. With his invincible body, limitless strength, army of Parademons, and the annihilating power of his Omega Beams make him not only a threat to this world, but to every world within reach.

However, the intergalactic being is currently only announced as a pre-order bonus. And speaking of DLC, does anyone think the exchange between the Joker and Robin could be teasing a Red Hood appearance?

NetherRealm Studios’ Injustice 2 will launch for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on May 16.

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