Johnny Manziel is being investigated by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) for rules regarding amateurism after the Heisman winner allegedly accepted money in exchange for autographed memorabilia.

A broker reported to ESPN that Manziel, 20, allegedly accepted $7,500 for signing about 300 helmets – both mini- and full-sized – at the Walter Camp Football Foundation event in January.

On the videos that the broker showed ESPN, Manziel can reportedly be heard telling a broker that he wouldn’t take additional money for the signings, because it had led to questions before. Additionally, Manziel told another broker that he wouldn’t deal with him again if he told anyone about the signings. The videos were recorded without Manziel’s knowledge, and there is no reported footage of money changing hands.

There are also reports that Manziel accepted a five-figure deal to sign hundreds of pieces of memorabilia while visiting Miami in January for the BCS National Championship Game.

In order to be eligible for the Heisman trophy football players must follow NCAA rules, which Manziel may have violated. Because the alleged incidents occurred after Manziel won the award, though, he may get away with those alleged indiscretions.

However, another report claims that Manziel committed violations in November, the month before he won the Heisman Trophy. If Manziel is found to be guilty of those violations, his eligibility for the award will be in doubt.

The Heisman trophy is awarded to the athelete deemed the most outstanding collegiate player. Manziel, the 2012 winner, was the first freshman to ever win the award.

Manziel is no stranger to trouble. Last month, he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor from a bar fight in 2012. However, the other charges levied against him were dismissed. Additionally, his parents have expressed worry for him, as it was revealed that Manziel has undergone anger therapy and alcohol counseling.

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