31 years after Oliver Stone‘s Platoon further exposed the horrors of the Vietnam War, its stars, who were relatively unknown at the time, met up for a reunion. Johnny DeppKevin Dillion, and the film’s star Charlie Sheen, were photographed together on Monday night.

“#platoon 30 year #reunion last night at #johnnydepp house #goodtimes,” Dillon captioned the photo on Instagram.

#platoon 30 year #reunion last night at #johnnydepp house #goodtimes @charliesheen

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All three actors appear to be having a fun time, from the looks of the picture. Depp, smoking, is wearing a Johnny Cash shirt and showing off some of his tattoos. Sheen is looking wildly into the camera and appears to be taking the selfie while Dillon just smiles.

Platoon, which was released in 1986, served as a big boost for all three actors’ careers. Sheen, whose father had played Captain Willard in Apocalypse Now, enjoyed success as a Hollywood leading man in the years directly following Platoon.

While Dillon’s biggest role didn’t come until 2004 when he was cast in HBO’s Entourage, he enjoyed a consistent career after playing Bunny in Stone’s film.

Depp, who didn’t have a large roll in the anti-war film, would eventually go on to become one of Hollywood’s most celebrated talents. Four years after the release of Platoon, Depp stared in Edward Scissorhands, for which he was nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Actor. He would go on to star in films like What’s Eating Gilbert GrapeFear and Loathing in Las Vegas and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Willem DafoeTom BerengerForest Whitaker, and John C. McGinley also starred in Platoon, which won the Academy Award for Best Director, Best Film Editing, and Best Picture in 1987.

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