The Last Week Tonight host John Oliver opened Sunday’s episode with a bit focused on the most recent scandal in Donald Trump‘s campaign – the release of a video from 2005 featuring him and Billy Bush speaking crudely about women.


“The second presidential debate wrapped up a half hour ago, but we taped this before it began, so I don’t know anything about the thoughtful, substantive discussion about policy that I’m assuming took place,” Oliver warned. “All I can do is talk about what led up to the debate this week, by which I mean of course, this.”

They then jumped to the footage that was leaked last Friday in which Trump described his attempts at sleeping with women, and saying that he can “grab them by the p—y” because he can.

Oliver emphasizes that if we thought we had already hit rock bottom with this election, we were sadly mistaken, and this week we hit a whole new low. Oliver then took the time to curse out Bush for giggling along and then for being “Trump’s hug pimp.”

Oliver then played a clip of Trump’s less-than-stellar apology. ‘”First, he claims he’s never said he’s a perfect person, which of course, is a lie,” begins Oliver, as one of Trump’s tweets flashes on the screen.

Oliver then brought up how Corey Lewandowski, a Trump campaign manager, attempted to deflect attention by claiming that the public can’t know what Hillary Clinton has said in her meetings with Wall Street. “For all we know, the same things are being said in that regard,” asserts Lewndowski.

And here we get possibly one of Oliver’s best arguments and most humorous lines. “No, no, no, actually the same things are not being said in that regard. Because at the very moment he did that interview, Wikileaks was publishing what it claims were excerpts from those speeches, and while there is some compromising stuff in there, at no point did she say to Goldman Sachs bankers, ‘I’m for ope trade and open borders, but above all, I’m for luring men to furniture stores where I can grab them by the d–k. I’m famous! I can get away with that.”

Watch the entire hilarious clip below.

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