John Marshall Jones voices Admiral Fredrick Raines in the new Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare game. Already one of the most well-known first-person shooter games in the world, the upgraded story places soldiers in an outer space setting. Jones recently sat down with uInterview to talk about what it was like performing for the game, which uses motion capture technology to capture the movements of real actors.


Infinite Warfare has a rich storyline, which Jones described as if he was recounting the plot of a movie. “Lieutenant Reyes, who is the character that the gamer players through, runs into big challenges, save the world challenges, in which he needs an advisor,” he revealed. “Admiral Raines is his advisor as he works his way through this maze,” Jones said that the narrative navigates themes of friendship, morality, and making tough choices that sacrifice the few for the benefit of the many. “What does friendship mean when you are in the heat of battle?”

Jones admits that he was impressed at the technology behind constructing the game, which included physically intensive motion capture sessions. “The animation is so close to real life, that it’s almost at the point where you don’t need the game part to watch the story, he said. “Around the warehouse [where scenes are shot] there are about sixty cameras and we’re wearing the motion capture suits…so that they know how to capture your movement.” Using tape and markers to reference where set pieces will appear, actors have to fully imagine the setting before computer artists later build the world. “So we do this whole thing in an empty space, and then when you turn it on, it’s like on this futuristic spaceship…it’s really incredible,” Jones admitted that the need to fill in the blanks acting in the empty warehouse reminded him of childhood games with friends. “There is a playfulness about it, like when you were a kid and saying, ‘Ok! You know, our army is against your army, and you gotta go out and hide down the street and we are going to come and find you,” he said. “And everybody picks up a stick and that’s your gun…it feels like that!”

Jones also touched on the recent changes to the Call Of Duty franchise, emphasizing that it’s still the same first-person shooter that everyone has come to love. “Call Of Duty has always been a boots-on-the-ground game, that’s what it’s really about,” he said. “Except your boots are now landing on the ground that’s in outer space. And the people you are fighting against are robots, and you are flying jet fighters in space.” If anything, he insists that the game has taken its tried-and-true features and has literally brought them out of this world. “The environment is expanded and it’s totally new…we’ve been able to view the space experience, but I don’t think we have been able to interact with the space experience. And that’s what Call of Duty is bringing this time around.”

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is currently available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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