Joey Chestnut may share his name with chestnuts, but he’s famous for his relationship with hot dogs. On Wednesday, the professional eater claimed another record in Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest.


Chestnut, 34, is an accomplished professional eater, having claimed victory 11 times out of 12 in Nathan’s annual competition. This year, Chestnut ate 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes, achieving a new world record. Carmen Cincotti, whose twenty-sixth birthday coincided with the contest, lost by 10 hot dogs.

According to Chestnut, a hot dog became stuck in his throat at one point, but he maintained his cool. “I just kept going,” he said. Chestnut figured he was “right about there” upon hearing the final count, though he did admit to getting “a bit lazy at the end.”

The initial tally incorrectly stated Chestnut only ate 64 franks, as the judges were unaware that the San Jose local was initially eating off of two plates. A revised tally affirms that he did indeed eat 74 of the sausages.

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Chestnut prepared for the show in the preceding days by fasting, and on Tuesday his diet consisted of “water with lemon, amino acids and a few caramels.” He also has been in New York since last Thursday to get accustomed to the heatwave that’s currently plaguing the state. He also took advantage of a heatwave in his home town that occurred about two weeks ago to acclimate to eating in intense heat.

While Chestnut earned his victory in the men’s competition, Miki Sudo likewise defended her crown in the women’s competition, eating 37 hot dogs within the 10-minute timeframe.

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