A rumor has surfaced claiming actress Jodie Whittaker would be stepping down from her role as The Thirteenth Doctor in the iconic science-fiction television series Doctor Who. Whittaker reportedly shared her intentions to leave the role after her third season portraying the Doctor. The annual regeneration scene with a new actor set to take on the famous role is reportedly already in the works to be filmed. Many people were shocked by this news, as Whittaker is the first ever female to play the Doctor and had a large fan base due to her popularity as the character. The BBC has refused to validate this rumor, stating it will not comment on “any speculation around Jodie’s future on the show.”

While the rumor of Whittaker stepping down is disappointing, it is not very surprising. The majority of actors who have portrayed the Doctor have done it for only three or four seasons at most. The two exceptions are Jon Pertwee, who portrayed the Third Doctor for five seasons and Tom Baker, who portrayed the Fourth Doctor for seven seasons on the show. However, ever since David Tennant stepped down from being the Tenth Doctor after three seasons, the actors who followed him have done so as well.

Since the rumor began to circulate, many fans have been debating with each-other on who should play the Fourteenth Doctor. There are many who believe that Jo Martin should portray the new Doctor, as she has been seen several times throughout the series as a different incarnation of the famous time lord. However, the two most popular actors who fans want to see portray the Fourteenth Doctor are Richard Ayoade and Michaela Coel.

Fans can see Whittaker’s third and possibly final season as the Thirteenth Doctor when Doctor Who returns on the BBC sometime during 2021.

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