Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson made their first appearance at the Met Gala 2022 as a couple. The Hollywood couple were both dressed in Gucci-designed outfits. Turner-Smith wore a two-piece dress featuring a crystal chain bra and a pink pleated chiffon skirt over a fringed miniskirt, while her husband wore a custom black coat with tails over a white shirt and pinstripe pants. While being interviewed at the event, the pair revealed that they discussed gender-swapping their looks for the Met Gala while planning their outfits.


“I was going to wear the tuxedo with tails, and he was going to wear a gown,” the actress said.

“I’m not sure I could have pulled off your exact look,” Jackson responded. “I’ve got the legs for it, I’d like to say.”

“You have the legs!” Turner-Smith said back. “He’s got great legs.”

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