JJ Watt tackled a fan who rushed the stage at a Zac Brown Band concert on Sunday night, in what appears to have been a planned stunt.

JJ Watt Tackles ‘Fan’ At Zac Brown Band Concert

The Zac Brown Band were playing in Milwaukee over the weekend when the viral incident occurred. As seen in a short video later posted on Watt’s Twitter, a fan appeared to rush the stage and get in a few seconds of uninterrupted dancing before Watt appeared from the wings and tackled him, throwing him to the ground. The bandmembers gave Watt and the alleged ‘fan’ room as the audience cheered. Watt can be seen standing over the fan, and putting on his aviators before turning to the audience.

After Watt posted the video, fans began to speculate that the tackle was actually a planned stunt, and they were most likely right. Later, Zac Brown Band tweeted a photo of the incident and tagged the ‘fan’ who rushed the stage, identifying him as Twitter user ‘Flody Boatwood.’ The user was later identified as Jake Bartol, a man who has appeared in many of the band’s music videos and works with the Zacb Brown Band.

Bartol appeared to confirm that the stunt was planned when he shared a video of the incident on Twitter, writing, “I say we go full pads next JJ!”

In fact, Bartol and Watt have met before. One year ago, Bartol shared a photo of the pair on Twitter, supposedly at a Zac Brown Band event.

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