In the midst of her campaign trail, Hillary Clinton decided to pay a visit to Jimmy Kimmel in Hollywood on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday night, her second appearance on her show, and the 68-year-old presidential hopeful got some campaigning lessons from the 48-year-old host, through “mansplaining.” Clinton seemed to be familiar with the term, defining it as “when a man explains something to a patronizing way.” But Kimmel elaborates is how “we men can make woman be better” (to the laughter of both Clinton and the audience.) He instructs her to deliver a speech and tells her that he well let her know when she is doing something wrong.

Before he she even starts, he questions her choice of clothing, suggesting that she wear something “more fun, but not too fun, serious, but not too serious,” adding that she should try to look stylish “without looking like you’re trying to be stylish, and also presidential.”

“Okay,” responded Hillary. “Well, I’m just going to wear this.”

The hilarious (and insightful) bit starts with Jimmy telling Hillary that she’s speaking too loudly. “It comes off a bit shrill for men,” said Kimmel, “You’re making not an arrest.” But when Hillary continued in a smoother, less demanding tone and Kimmel stopped her again. “You’re like a mouse up there,” he said, contradicting his previous statement and adding, “You know what would be nice? If you smiled, you should smile.” Hillary barely got another sentence in before Kimmel said, “Don’t smile like that cause it’s too forced. It looks like you’re fake.”

Clinton only took a bit more before she stopped and said to Kimmel, “Jimmy, your comments are kind of contradictory, nothing I do is right.”

“Exactly,” said Kimmel, “You’re not doing it right. I can’t put my finger on it… It’s that you’re not…”

“A man?” she responded.

The crowd hummed as Kimmel agreed, “That’s it! You’re not a man! That was really cute how you did it.”

Kimmel did not avoid the sensitive topic of sexism in Clinton’s campaign, surely winning himself huge points with Clinton supporters.

Other parts of the show included Kimmel joking about the Republican race and her popular competitor, Bernie Sanders.

“You better be careful Bernie doesn’t poke you in the eye with that finger he’s always pointing,” said Kimmel.

While in Los Angeles Clinton also worked with Mayor Eric Garcetti to host a panel at the University of Southern California to talk about how Muslims are contributing to the fight against ISIS and the good work of LA’s Islamic outreach programs. Clinton also met some unexpected crowds when she was in LA: protesters in Santa Monica who said that she’s controlled by Wall Street, a main selling point of Sanders.

Sanders appeared on Kimmel’s show on Tuesday.

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