Jimmy Fallon nailed his Golden Globes opening scene with a fun musical number featuring plenty of celebrities at the awards.


The scene began with Fallon stuck in traffic in his limousine, hoping he was not late to host the award show. “All the nominees are inside waiting there for me, think of all the stars I’ll see,” he crooned as he stepped out of the car to be joined by Nicole Kidman and Amy Adams.

Rami Malek in his Mr. Robot character joined the fun telling Fallon he’d been hacked and “if these photos ever get out, you’re dead.” Westworld‘s Evan Rachel Wood came out dressed up as her character Dolores, but true to the show, quickly acted as if she’d malfunctioned.

“The Golden Globes will be given out tonight, not all the nominees are white,” was another hilarious refrain from the catchy tune. Even the kids from Stranger Things made an appearance with a little rap, admitting “Barb is still alive,” followed by a silly synchronized swimming act featuring the actress who played the iconic character.

We followed Fallon into the theater where he played a ditty on the piano, as Ryan Reynolds laid atop the instrument and spit a mint into Fallon’s mouth. Tina Fey appeared, only to have Fallon reject her and run to Justin Timberlake, who ascended with the host up to the stage to begin the show.

The crowd reacted well, with guffaws, and cute onscreen plays on the song. Bryan Cranston fakes drunk as Fallon sang, “they’ve all been drinking since three.” Hopefully this will predict a successful performance by first-time Golden Globes host Fallon.

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