Jim Carrey started his career by doing a series of impersonations and mocking celebrities. But now he’s taken to cartoons to mock President Donald Trump. After spending Thanksgiving at the easel, The Mask actor made another cartoon criticizing political events.

On Friday, he produced a cartoon that showed the president inside the head of what can only be assumed to be acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.

Carrey captioned the image “Baby on board!”


Just days earlier Carrey had put out a cartoon mocking Trump’s Thanksgiving message to the troops he stationed at the border to defend against a caravan. He painted a portrait of the world leader on the phone saying the caption “The WuRLD IZ a VishuS PLaCE, HaPPy ThaNX-gIVING!”

Carrey later posted the image, tweeting, “And now a Holiday Greeting from the White House.”

And his jabs at the president didn’t end there. On Tuesday, he posted a cartoon depicting the president and his attempts to maintain a relationship with Saudia Arabia after they killed journalist and US citizen Jamal Khashoggi.

The image shows Trump with his arm around the Saudia Arabian crown prince Mohammed bin Salman as a truckload of cash is dumped in front of the White House. Carrey would later tweet the image with the caption “Tres Sheik.”

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