Jill Biden resolved one issue left by the Trump administration – and it had nothing to do with policy. The First Lady has redecorated the White House, undoing the changes that former First Lady Melania Trump had made.

“Jill hated the changes Melania had made to the second and third floors especially,” a source told OK. “She thought Melania had awful taste and made the rooms look tacky. It gave her a lot of pleasure.”

Biden specifically disliked the drapes and Trump’s choice of furniture.


This isn’t the only aesthetic choice Biden has made reversing the choices former First Lady. After revealing the White House’s Christmas décor last week, many pointed out the stark difference from Trump’s “blood trees.”

Trump was criticized for her holiday choices in 2018 when she selected striking red topiary trees to line the halls of the East Wing. She said the red was symbolic of valor and bravery, but many called the red shrubbery “dystopian” and likened them to blood.

In a more traditional turn, Biden has declared the theme of this year’s Christmas décor “Gifts From The Heart.” The more classic green, lush trees and red-and-white holiday adornments were more well-received.

“It is so nice to have class back in the White House,” one Twitter user said.

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