Jesse Tyler Ferguson took a bow during the curtain call on opening night of his latest Broadway play, Fully Committed.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson In ‘Fully Committed’

In Fully Committed, a one-man, 90-minute play written by playwright Becky Mode, Ferguson plays a reservationist in New York City – and 39 other characters. In addition to the reservationist, he voices all of the characters calling in to make a reservation, and the restaurant’s head chef.

“You might hear a little Tim Gunn, you might hear a little Julia Child,” director Jason Moore told Variety. “It’s nice to have a sound to start from, especially when you have 40 voices to do. And I think some of them are based on some of Jesse’s friends, but I don’t think they know that yet.”

Ferguson chimed in, “Well, if Richard Kind comes, he might recognize his voice,” adding of his Modern Family costars, “Eric Stonestreet, I have elements of him in some of the characters. Sofia Vergara, if she shows up, will be very surprised.”

Fully Committed tackles New York City’s foodie culture and all of the bizarre creations that the city’s more daring restaurants are using to lure in curious patrons. In order to school herself in modern epicurean culture in the Big Apple, Mode had to sit down at some of the establishments herself.

“The most ridiculous thing I had was an inflated pig’s bladder with something inside,” Mode recalled. “The most fabulous was this thing at 11 Madison Park that was like Eggs Benedict caviar. It sounds bizarre, but it was incredible. And then peppermint snow, which is mentioned in the play. We had peppermint snow there.”

Fully Committed is running at New York City’s Lyceum Theatre through July 24.

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