You could buy a lot of hair gel with that kind of dough! After an opening season filled with blood, brawls and booze, the cast of MTV’s The Jersey Shore will be coming back for more – after receiving a hefty raise from $200 per episode to $10,000.

Uniting in guido-hood for the next season’s negotiations, the cast leveraged their new-found popularity with MTV suits. The show will begin filming in a few weeks at an unknown location reportedly not at Seaside, New Jersey, where the first season was filmed. Wags have speculated that the tony Hamptons might be their next destination.

The continuation of the show has sent the National Italian American Foundation (one of many Italian American organizations) reeling. President Joseph Del Raso released a statement calling the renewal of the show a “disgrace.” “Italian Americans, the Garden State and the Jersey Shore deserve better,” he wrote. “[The characters] have more in common with the adolescent residents of Animal House that with Italian-Americans.” As has been the case all season, the cast members are taking take the criticism all the way to the bank. Why shouldn’t they? 4.8 million viewers watched the show’s finale on Jan. 21. –JOE GALBO

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