On Tuesday night, Amy Schneider won her 20th consecutive game of Jeopardy!, catapulting her total winnings to a staggering $768,000 and tying the record of most consecutive wins by a woman initially set by Julia Collins.

Schneider even made a small tribute to Collins with the sweater she wore for the taping. “Julia Collins won 20 games and so this is my 20th game and so I just wanted to wear a sweater in tribute,” Schneider said in the post-game interview on the show.

Schneider kept her streak intact and ran away with the lead for the entirety of Tuesday night’s episode. With last night’s earnings, Schneider has placed 5th in Jeopardy!‘s All-Time Winnings ranking, just behind Matt Amodio who has won $1,518,601 on the show.

For the Consecutive Games Won record, Schneider’s next hurdle is famed contestant James Holzhauer, who has placed 3rd on the ranking with 32 consecutive games won. Holzhauer trails behind Amodio, who has 38 games won, and they’re both dwarfed by Ken Jennings‘ intense 74 games won record.

Scheider, who is openly transgender, summarized some of her post-game thoughts in a humorous Twitter thread, wrapping up by thanking the people who went against her, but quipping that “that was pretty much all there was to it,” after she secured two critical Daily Doubles.

With Schneider’s impressive run showing no signs of slowing, the only Hall of Fame record she hasn’t placed on is Single-Game Winnings. This category is entirely dominated by Holzhauer’s runs, and Schneider will have to win more than $89,229 in a single game to place.

Watch Schneider’s post-game interview after her 20th win here:

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