Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta looked tense as they shot a scene for police drama Shades of Blue in Brooklyn, New York Tuesday.

‘Shades Of Blue’ Filming

Lopez, who is also a producer on NBC’s Shades of Blue, was outfitted for the day on set in a navy blue pants suit and a white button down shirt. More casually dressed was Liotta, who sported a brown suede jacket over a blue shirt. When the two weren’t filming, they were spotted relaxing and reading over lines in chairs set aside for the actors.

Lopez recently revealed that she never intended to star in Shades of Blue. However, when she and co-producer Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas brought the project to NBC, they wanted her to star as Harlee Santos.

“When we went into NBC and pitched it, they loved the whole idea, and they were like, ‘You’re not playing this role?’ [NBC chairman] Bob Greenblatt said to me, ‘You play this role, we’ll do it right now,'” Lopez told Deadline earlier this summer.

Lopez also noted that while she’s had a lot of success as a singer and dancer, she is and always has been first and foremost an actress.

“I always saw myself as an actress who danced and sang and had those talents as well, and I made my records later in my career,” Lopez, who has just sold out her concert shows in Las Vegas in a day, explained. “I didn’t make my first record until I was almost 30. So the acting was always the first thing.”

Shades of Blue season 2 will premiere early in 2017.

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