Jennifer Garner is reportedly considering a career move in the political direction — and apparently, big-time filmmaker JJ Abrams and his wife, producer Katie McGrath, are all for it.

The pursuit of politics has been a long time coming for the 13 Going On 30 actress. “Even though Jen came from humble roots, she was filled with potential beyond just acting from a very early age,” they told The U.S. Sun. “With her kids finally older and more independent, she’s exploring stuff she missed out on in her thirties, like being much more politically active than ever, and trying to use her fame and reputation for good. Jen really does have a taste for politics, plus she’s just such an appealing person to all her friends, conservative and liberal.”


Abrams and McGrath have been friends with Garner for 25 years, and they’re reportedly encouraging and supporting her political aspirations.

It has been evident for a while now that politics interests Garner.

On December 1, the actress visited the White House for a State Dinner honoring French President Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Macron. President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden hosted the event, and Garner brought along her daughter, Violet Affleck.

Garner also had a hand in Karen Bass‘ recent successful campaign for mayor of Los Angeles.

Back in 2018, she advocated for childhood education at a Senate Finance Committee panel. Garner is a Save the Children trustee and she spoke on behalf of the humanitarian aid organization.

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