Jennifer Esposito is leaving the U.S. two months after her gluten-free bakery Jennifer’s Way was hit with a $43 million lawsuit, according to reports on Saturday.

Jennifer Esposito Facing $43 Million Lawsuit

Esposito is reportedly traveling in Denmark for an undetermined amount of time.

The actress was hit with the lawsuit in March from her investors, who included her husband Louis Dowler, who is in the process of filing for divorce. In the lawsuit, they claim that the bakery is failing and Esposito redirected the company’s website to her personal blog, to tell consumers the products couldn’t be trusted.

“Esposito has instilled and promoted a groundless and downright false sense of fear that the very same products with the same recipes, coming from the same facility, that she once stood behind, are now unsafe to consume,” the lawsuit states.

“She may vacation [in Denmark], but she has no plans to go indefinitely and the lawsuit is settled,” Esposito’s rep told the New York Post, who said Jennifer was seen at the bakery on Friday.

The ex-Blue Bloods star took to Facebook on Friday to deny that she was already in Denmark and call out the reports.

“The day when you can attack a person’s character, create lies and downright try and take someone down is over,” Esposito wrote. “I’m so very proud of what I’ve done for complete strangers by helping them in any way I could.”

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