Jennifer Aniston, 50, has finally decided to grace the Instagram world with her presence. On October 15, the actress crashed the site with her very first post of herself and her Friends’ costars (Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc).

In her latest interview with Jimmy Kimmel, she claimed she is “the most reluctant person to ever join Instagram.” However, that does not speak for her fans who were far from reluctant to follow her. Numerous fans loved the reunion photo she posted and immediately tried following the account all at once, which the photo and video-sharing service proved ill-equipped for. Luckily, the beloved star’s account eventually recovered and has racked up a total of 12 million followers as of today.

Her latest story shows her getting ready for her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! as well as captures an adorable moment between her and long-time friend Dave Matthews, who had also made an appearance on the late night talk show. In addition to her photo with the singer/songwriter, Aniston claimed to have taken a recent photo with seasoned journalist Diane Sawyer. The highly anticipated photo of the two was taken while Aniston was shadowing the journalist in preparation for her new role in upcoming Apple TV series The Morning Show.

While speaking to Kimmel, Aniston also admitted to having a fake Instagram account, otherwise known as a “finsta.” She noted that she uses her newfound account to make content for her fans, but uses her finsta account to stalk people.

While the actress has not revealed the username of her fake account, her new self-titled account is certainly public and can be followed @jenniferaniston.

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