Rapper Jay-Z supported a Florida peace rally in memory of Trayvon Martin.

The sixth annual Peace Walk & Peace Talk at Miami Gardens honored gun-violence victims like the young Martin.

Martin was killed by George Zimmerman in February 2012 while walking around his father’s neighborhood in central Florida. Martin was pursued by Zimmerman that night and was fatally shot in the chest. He would have been 23 on Feb 5.

Jay-Z joined Martin’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, on stage to speak. “We want to make sure that we stand and support and never forget that Trayvon serves as a beacon of light to the people out here. So you guys never have to go through the pain and hurt that these guys went through,” Jay-Z told the audience. “His name will sit alongside the greats whom lost their lives to push our culture forward – the Martin Luther Kings, the Gandhis. That’s the intention we set so his name will serve as a beacon of light and hope to push out culture forward in a better direction.”

Jay-Z has partnered with the Weinstein Company to produce a six-part documentary series, Rest in Power. Zimmerman has said that his family has been “harassed” by the film team. According to The Blast, he told them, “I know how to handle people that f–k with me, I have since February 2012.” These past threats against Jay-Z weren’t received kindly. Snoop Dogg posted on Instagram, “If one hair on jays head is touched that’s when the revolution will b televised We one 👊🏾and to thank the system let the B—h a– muthafucca get away with murder try it again 🙏🏾Trayvon Martin Gone but not forgotten.”

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