Jay Leno, who was recently injured in a terrifying car fire, had another car-related mixup while rolling up to his first comedy show since the incident. In a video from outside the Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, California, Leno is seen driving up in a Tesla with his wife Mavis Leno in the front seat, and bumping the corner of a police car while trying to park.

Listeners can hear a sound in the video that shows an impact clearly happened, but the cops appeared unbothered as he continued parking. Leno then exits the car and fields a few questions from the paparazzi around the car.

At one point he is heard cracking a joke, “Stay away from the flaming-hot Doritos!”

Leno seemed to have a good attitude about his injury and appeared to be in great spirits and physical condition in these videos which were filmed two weeks after the fire happened.

Leno then approaches the two police officers who were standing by the vehicle when the strike occurred, but they wave him off seeming to confirm that no damage was done in the minor bump.

The comic performed for a sold-out audience at the comedy club. In another gag to reporters, Leno said, “We’ve got two shows tonight: regular and extra crispy.” Let’s hope there was a solid ten minutes of self-referential burn humor in the comedy set itself.