Javier Bardem participated in Greenpeace campaign to create the largest protected area on Earth, an Antarctic Ocean Sanctuary.


An expedition by Greenpeace to the Antarctic seafloor found an abundance of sensitive ecosystems. Bardem traveled with scientists and campaigners to the site in a research submarine at the end of January to film rare footage, which he debuted at the Berlin Film Festival on Feb. 20. “There is so much life on the ocean floor. I would not have expected that in these waters. This biodiversity must be protected with a sanctuary!” said the actor, 48, speaking with the nonprofit.

“This footage underscores the importance of marine protected areas in the Antarctic,” said Greenpeace marine biologist and submarine pilot John Hocevar on the Greenpeace website. “The U.S. Government was instrumental in protecting the Ross Sea, and can play an important role in advocating for the creation of a network of Antarctic sanctuaries, especially with states that could potentially block it.”

In addition, Bardem will star in a new film about the conservation efforts, called Sanctuary, directed by Alvaro Longoria. Bardem will provide voiceover commentary for the movie, which will capture the results of Bardem’s 900-foot dive, plus a “colloquial, person-to-person” explanation of the area by scientists. Bardem adds that the film will highlight solutions instead of environmental problems. “The idea was to try and tell how these things are done,” Longoria told Variety. “Not how necessary it is or that we are using to much plastic. We all know that. Now the question is, how can we act, how can we make a difference?”

Stranger Things actor David Harbour is also involved in the Greenpeace mission, and has been dedicating his social media presence to the cause. “https://www.ProtectTheAntarctic.org. here’s a petition to create the largest protected area in the world. @Greenpeace has 1M sigs. let’s give them 1.8. 1.8 million. 1 for every proposed square km for the ‘guins. here’s me dancing with them, as promised. they don’t have netflix. @Greenpeace ?” the actor wrote.

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