Jared Leto’s edgy, tattooed, grill-wearing version of the infamous Joker is getting his own stand alone movie.

Leto is set to continue on his role as the Joker which was first introduced in the 2016 Suicide Squad. In addition to being the lead, he is also on board to executive-produce the film.

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There are not many details of what the stand alone film will entail, as Warner Brothers are still in the early stages of development and do not have a writer or director yet.

The movie would be a part of the DC Extended Universe, which includes Suicide Squad, Justice League, Wonder Woman, as well as the upcoming Aquaman. However, some confusion is arising as there is a another potential Joker movie that will focus his origin, which is completely separate from the DC Extended Universe. Joaquin Phoenix has been rumored to be playing the Red Hood in the origin film.

Warner Brothers is also looking to work on a sequel to the poorly reviewed Suicide Squad and a spin-off movie for Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Harley Quinn, the Joker’s on-again, off-again girlfriend and partner in crime.

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Following the news of Leto’s potential movie, DC fans are split on the idea of this Crown Prince of Crime getting his own movie.

Some fans are not-so-thrilled, as they were let down by his portrayal when he was introduced in Suicide Squad.

Other fans are open to the idea and are excited to see what Leto has to offer in a solo movie.

A release date for the movie has not been released, as it is still in the early stages of development.

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