Jane Lynch rapped Nicki Minaj’s hit song "Super Bass" while appearing as a guest on Conan on Monday – giving Sophia Grace and Rosie some competition.

Lynch revealed her rapping talents while chatting with Conan O’Brien about her time at Elton John’s star-studded Oscars gala. After mentioning that Minaj was in attendance, Lynch proudly stated that she had had the pleasure of covering "Super Bass" on Glee. Ever the performer, she enthusiastically launched into the lines, proving she’d yet to forget them.

“If someone’s giving you attitude at a car rental counter, you can just go into that,” laughed Conan. Lynch agreed, saying, “Exactly, they don’t expect it from a 6 foot white lady.”

Glee returns tonight, March 7, with its 500th episode. Entitled “Shout,” it’s going to feature the New Directions competing in the annual intrasquad boys vs girls mash-up challenge, where they’ll be performing popular songs off movie soundtracks. Also, Rachel may or may not be pregnant with Brody’s… or Finn’s baby.

Check out the promo for "Shout" below:

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