Several hungry people in Los Angeles were given more than they ordered when James CordenSeth Rogen, and Dominic Cooper, showed up to their houses with pizza, which they ordered, and a mystery box, which they had not.

The segment, recorded for Corden’s show The Late Late Show, involved the host and Rogen bringing pizzas to real people who had ordered them. After showing up Corden would offer the customers they pizza or the mystery box. If the mystery box was chosen, the customer would have to forfeit the pizza.

The first customers Corden and Rogen surprised had just moved to Los Angeles. Corden joked that not every pizza experience in Los Angeles involved celebrity delivery people. The two girls, after hearing the offer, choose the mystery box, which was unfortunately filled only with pizza sauce.

The next customers fared much better after they too chose the mystery box. Inside it was a yellow leotard and an action figure of Cooper. Corden announced that the box means that while the customers enjoy their pizza, they will also be treated to a wrestling match between the host and Cooper.

Inside the apartment, Rogen introduced a yellow leotard wearing Corden as “Yellow Thunder” and a green leotard wearing Cooper as “The Green Machine.” The match began after Rogen warned the wrestlers not to “f*** up these people’s s***.”

Rolling on the floor while the customers cheered, Cooper ends up victorious over Corden, who ended the match with a bloody lip.

Finally, Corden and Rogen arrive to the final apartment to find two customers preparing to throw a friend their 42nd birthday party. The British comedian revealed that the mystery box is a party for the customer’s Instagram.

“We are going to throw you the most epic Instagram party in the world. We’re not going to throw you a party, we’re going to throw a party for your Instagram, to make everyone think that you had the best time of your life,” Corden explained.

The party quickly filled up and Corden directed a series of pictures to show the Instagram world the wildest party of all time – at one point a gimp shows up and the birthday boy rides on his back.

Watch the full Late Late Show segment below.

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