Director James Cameron has decided to go back and touch up one of his most famous films, Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Cameron converted the 26-year-old film into a 3D format and made some additional touch-ups to the legendary sci-fi flick. The re-done film will hit movie theaters on August 25.

The Titanic director explained why he was so ready to go back and explore the Terminator franchise.

“I think the film is as timely as it ever was, probably more so less on the nuclear side and more on the AI side and dealing with our relationship with our own technology,” Cameron told the AP on Thursday. “And how we do really stand the possibility of making ourselves obsolete?”

Cameron added that he tends to have a pessimistic view in many of his movies, particularly in the Terminator franchise.


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“I tend to be kind of an apocalyptic kind of guy. I look at all the worst case outcomes.”

He also said that in addition to advanced AI and nuclear warfare, we have to worry about climate change.

“I think that it’s we have to be on guard and constantly aware. So whether it’s climate change, or whether it’s the threat of an AI potentially replacing us or rapidly altering our world in a negative outcome for humans, or whether it’s nuclear warfare – these are things we need to be constantly vigilant about.”

Terminator 2: Judgement Day, which was released in 1991 as a follow up to 1984’s Terminator, starred Arlond SchwarzeneggerEdward FurlongLinda Hamilton, and Robert Patrick. In the sequel, Sarah Connor and her son Josh are being hunted by an advanced Terminator sent to kill them. Schwarzenegger, who is not as technologically advanced, has been sent back in time to protect them.

Cameron has proposed re-booting the Terminator franchise with a trilogy. If everything goes to plan, a new original film could be in theaters by 2020.

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