A budding social media star, Erica Wada, who goes by the name Jade Wada, has caused some buzz in the snowboarding world after hitting the slopes in a skimpy bikini.

In a video posted to Instagram, Wada can be seen removing her warm layers to reveal a black bikini and black sunglasses. She then proceeds to snowboard a whole course, only taking one minor fall, landing bare-skinned in the snow. The young woman appears unfazed by the cold.

“My tits out yet?” she captioned the video, which has gone viral recently.


She also shared a photo of the aftermath, showing off a large red burn on her bottom from the snow.

Her bikini-clad outing is reminiscent of the Kardashian-Jenner tradition of donning as little as possible in snowy settings. Last year, Kendall Jenner turned heads when she sported a teeny black bikini and massive fur boots on her annual trip to Aspen. Sister Kourtney Kardashian has also previously rocked swimwear in snowy Colorado.

Always the trendsetter, Kim Kardashian may have been the first to make headlines with the barely-there snow fit when she wore a “furkini” made by then-husband Kanye West. She flaunted the look on Instagram in 2015 and was later slammed by anti-fur campaigners, even prompting a PETA campaign targeting the reality star.

Fans seem to love the snow-kini without fail. Instagram users commented with an outpouring of support on Wada’s video, while many expressed concern about her being cold.

“I hope I can be as cool as you one day,” one user said.

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