Just days before his death, Jackson Odell appeared on John Wolf’s Twitch TV show Controlled Chaos. Wolf shared a tribute video for Odell following his death.

The tribute video begins with Odell singing one of his original songs “Something Good” on the show. He also reveals that he was “lucky enough to help write the soundtrack” for Wolf’s wife, Bethany’s, movie Forever My Girl.

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Odell has made a big impact on the Wolf family, he describes Odell as “such a special soul” and that there was “nobody else like him.” “His charm was so genuine and he had a way of making you feel special when you were with him,” he writes in the description of the video.

While his cause of death still remains unclear, Wolf assures “happy he was to be alive.” He also urges for people to continue is legacy by listening to his music and watching his videos to “celebrate his life with [them].”

Read Wolf’s full statement below.

“It’s with such a heavy heart that i post this. Jackson Odell was such a special soul. I remember the day that Jacob came home and said, “I just met this kid named Jackson.” I had never seen him so energized about meeting another kid his age. Beth and I asked him, “What’s he like?” and Jacob responded, “I don’t know, he’s just Jackson!” I had no idea what he meant until the first time Jackson came to our house. He was a warm, bright light that people (adults and kids) were drawn to. His charm was so genuine and he had a way of making you feel special when you were with him. Jacob was right. There was no way to describe him because there was nobody else like him. He was just Jackson and Jackson was all about love. You could feel it when he sang and played. His emotions poured out of his music and lyrics so easily for young man his age. You could feel his songs in your soul. I could write for days about Jackson. There is no way one post can sum up this young man’s life or how we feel about him. It’s important that people know how ready he was to live. How happy he was to be alive. How much more he had to share with all of us. We are simply crushed. Please go to his site, listen to his music, watch his videos…celebrate his life with us. We love you, Jackson.”

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