After being almost obsessively shielded from the spotlight for most of their lives by their father, Michael Jackson's kids are now flocking to the public arena of Twitter, speaking out about the bizarre Jackson family drama that has been publicly playing out since Jackson family matriarch Katherine Jackson was reported missing earlier this week by her nephew, Trent Jackson — a claim that was later denied by the Jackson children.

Michael Jackson's middle child and only daughter, Paris Jackson, sent out a string of tweets this week addressing the matter, detailing that she was upset, saying, "Yes, my grandmother is missing. I haven't seen her for a week and want her to come home now," and "something is really off , this isn't like her at all .. I wanna talk directly to my grandmother!" It appeared to largely be Paris' tweets that led to Wednesday's Jackson family brawl, caught on surveillance cameras outside Katherine's home, in which Janet Jackson tried to forcibly take away Paris' cell phone and Jackson brothers Randy and Jermaine engaged in a physical altercation with Trent, reported CNN.

Now it's eldest son Prince Jackson's turn to speak out on the social media outlet. "I'm really angry and hurt," Prince tweeted hours after Katherine finally returned to her Calabasas, California home after what the Jacksons had implied was either a spa vacation or a retreat on doctors orders. "Although I am happy my grandma was returned, after speaking with her I realized how misguided and how badly she was lied to," Prince tweeted.

"I have been holding off on backing up my sister and her tweets avidly because I was waiting for the time to reveal my side," Prince also said.

Katherine Jackson made a statement to ABC before returning home, surrounded by her children, Janet, Jermaine and Rebbie Jackson. "There are rumors going on about me that I've been kidnapped and held against my will. I am here today to let everybody know that I am fine and I am here with my children, and my children would never do a thing like that, holding me against my will. It's very stupid for people to think that." The Jacksons would not allow the network to ask any questions, reports CNN.

Stupid or not, custody of Prince, Paris, and Michael's youngest child, Prince Michael II, also known as Blanket, was suspended from Katherine on Wednesday due to her extended absence, even though Katherine's own lawyers are suggesting that her absence might have been against her will.

Custody was awarded to TJ Jackson, 34, the son of Tito Jackson and Katherine's grandson, who has been publicly supporting the children via Twitter, writing to Paris earlier this week, "I know it's completely unfair for them to do this to you and your brothers. We will keep trying. I love you."

Meanwhile, the kids have kept up their tweets. "As long as I can remember my dad had repeatedly warned me of certain people and their ways," Prince wrote. "If you continue with your lies I will continue with the truth." Later, the string of tweets was disavowed under the same Twitter handle. Paris then went to her twitter, explaining the contradiction. "The thing my brother tweeted last night was the last true thing he tweeted.. he was hacked saying what we tweeted was false.."

Paris, Prince and Blanket stand to inherit the bulk of Michael Jackson's estate, which, despite the fact that he was in a massive amount of debt at the time of his death, includes proceeds from his sales, so is still suspected to be substantial. A certain percentage of the estate was designated to go to Katherine Jackson as the kids' primary caregiver after his death.

The judge also ordered that Diana Ross, who was named as a backup guardian in Michael's will, and Prince and Paris' biological mother, Debbie Rowe, be notified of the change in custody.

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