Jack Harlow stars in the Doritos Super Bowl LVII commercial which shows the rapper, in need of something new, refocusing his career on playing the triangle.


In a triangle-filled advertisement, fans see Harlow perform various shows with his selected instrument, sending fans into a frenzy. When questioned by rap legend Missy Elliot, “you’re going to quit rap for a triangle?” Harlow confirms, “I gotta do me, Missy.”

Triangle haircuts. Triangle clothing. Triangle cologne. The rapper’s new obsession with triangles leads Doritos’ America into a “triangle fever.”

However, while he may have been behind the new triangle craze, we see a Doritos-eating Harlow lose out on the “Triangle of the Year” award to legendary British singer Elton John, who appears on stage playing a gigantic triangle instead of his usual choice of instrument, the piano.

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