J.K. Rowling used Twitter to lambaste the notoriously anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church after it responded to a tweet of hers celebrating marriage equality passing in Ireland.

J.K. Rowling Vs. Westboro Baptist Church

Over the weekend, Rowling joined in the celebration of Ireland’s legalization of gay marriage through popular vote on Twitter.

When an Irish fan mentioned that all gay wizards, including Dumbledore, were now free to marry in Ireland, Rowling posted the popular “What if Dumbledore and Gandalf… Were Gay Together” meme. 

When the Westboro Baptist Church became aware of the British author’s suggestion for the gay wedding, they promised to picket it. In response, Rowling called out their “tiny bigoted minds.”

One of Rowling’s followers worried that by responding to the Westboro Baptist Church, she was giving them undue attention. But, Rowling succintly explained her reasons for calling them out.