Former childhood best friend of Ivanka Trump, Lysandra Ohrstrom, has revealed that Donald Trump made inappropriate comments about her weight during her childhood. The president reportedly even went so far as to compare her and others teenage classmates’ bodies to those of supermodels.

In a recent Vanity Fair feature, Ohrstrom said she had at one time been Ivanka’s closest friend, with the two first meeting in private school. But her relationship with the Trump family soured due to apparent long-time grudges. Ohrstrom said Donald once asked her if Ivanka was “was the prettiest or the most popular girl in our grade.” He went on to compare two teenage girls in their class to “a young Cindy Crawford, while the other he said had a great figure.”

According to the article, Donald aimed his scathing commentary about looks and weight towards Ohrstrom as well. She recounts one event where Donald Trump Jr. had stolen a grilled cheese from Ohrstrom to which the future president commented, “Don’t worry. She doesn’t need it. He’s doing her a favor,” which was taken as a gibe at her weight.

Ohrstrom mentions other episodes that led to the dissolution of her ties with the Trump family, such as when Ivanka began dating Jared Kushner, who comes from a pro-Israel Orthodox Jewish family, and reportedly took a harsh view toward Ohrstrom’s pro-Palestinian views. Ivanka once insulted Ohrstrom for wearing a necklace with her name in Arabic transcribed. Ivanka told her, “How does your Jewish boyfriend feel when you are having sex, and that necklace hits him in the face? How can you wear that thing? It just screams, ‘terrorist.'”

The last time the two had any informal communication was in 2009, shortly after Ivanka’s wedding, when Ohrstrom had updated her former friend about her new job,  Ivanka replied, “something along the lines of, ‘Ly, I’m too busy for this s–t.’

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