The official Twitter account of Ivanka Trump HQ tweeted about making champagne popsicles for Memorial Day, what many considered an insensitive move.


While Ivanka’s personal Twitter account had a much more appropriate message, her brand was torn apart on social media for the post. “Make champagne popsicles this #Memorial Day,” it said, with a link to a recipe. The same page also tweeted 10 grilling tips, as well as other “fun ideas” to celebrate the beginning of summer.

Though Ivanka herself posted about military vets, her brand seemed to forget that Memorial Day is a day to commemorate the service of American soldiers and heroes. “Today we honor the men & women in our armed forces who have lost their lives to protect our freedom,” Ivanka wrote. “Thank you for your service #MemorialDay.”

Any wags on Twitter are responding very negatively about the post from Ivanka’s brand. While some are posting memes of coffins covered with American flags saying, “Remember our sacrifice by making champagne pops,” others are posting stories of their loved ones who lost their lives fighting for this country.

And others still made the comment that none of the Trumps, living or dead, fought in the military, but rather were “draft dodgers,” even in Germany before WWI.

— Susan Money (@susanemoney) May 29, 2017

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