Ivana Trump left behind $34 million in her will, and ex-husband President Donald J. Trump is getting nothing.

Among the assets to be distributed are a New York City townhouse next to Central Park, a Miami Beach apartment and her French property.


The former businesswoman, media personality, model, author and socialite passed away on July 14, 2022 after falling in her Manhattan place. She was 73 years old, and was estimated to have a net worth of $100 million.

Though she had made plans for her will before death, it wasn’t until earlier this week that newly surfaced probate documents revealed its exact details and recipients. The beach condo and her Yorkshire terrier, Tiger Trump, will be left for her assistant Susanna Dorothy Curry, who had previously served as a nanny for children Eric, Ivanka and Donald Jr.

But it turns out that the decision might not be as surprising as it sounds. Curry, who worked for the family for over three decades, entered her caretaking duties “with a sparkle in her eye and plenty of nervous energy,” Ivana wrote in her book Raising Trump. She allegedly cemented herself as an essential element of the family, frequently taking the kids to visit her homeland in Ireland and teaching them prayers at nighttime.

“Dorothy is my second mother,” according to a statement from Eric Trump in the same book. “She’s raised me since I was a bay, and we are incredibly close – inseparable. I love her immensely.”

In the case that Curry had died, the will directed ownership of Tiger to go to Eric.

Eric, Ivanka and Donald Jr. will equally split the townhouse, currently put on market for $26.5 million. Whether or not they get to that price remains uncertain, however.

The children will also be receiving the proceeds earned from selling the jewelry and furs in Ivana’s wardrobe. Remaining clothes and accessories will be donated to the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

Ivana also intended to leave a property in St. Tropez, France for her less wealthy ex-husband Rossano Rubiconi and friend Evelyne Galet, though the piece for Rubiconi was rescinded after he died in 2021.

Earlier in July, Donald Trump was slammed on Twitter after he included a “Donate to Save America” fundraising letterhead in a statement about Ivana’s death.

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